Canyengue in Buenos Aires

Marta y Manolo 2* MANOLO (“El Gallego”)

Sadly, his wife Marta has died but, together with his friend Nelson, the legendary Manolo is continuing to promote the revival of Canyengue.

SATURDAYS: 13:00-14:30: Centro Cultural Borges, top floor of Gallerias Pacifico , Salon 3 of the Tango Esquela. These lessons are at a set price payable to the Esquela.

MONDAYS: 20:00-22:00: Junin 143, Balvanera. This assisted practica conducted by Manolo and his assistants is run on the basis of donations (consider around 50 pesos per person). Enquiries: 4657-8781 or 15-5920-0945.

THURSDAY: 20:22:00: General Hornos 238, Barracas. Again, this assisted practica is run on the basis of donations of around 50 pesos per person.


Laura Collavini 1* LAURA COLLAVINI is also demonstratingand teaching.

She provides  a different perspective, excellent teaching technique, and a valuable role model for followers:


p: (Argentina) 15-6258-1329;


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