Canyengue in Canberra

Coming soon to Canberra…

…a regular Canyengue event for those who wish to learn or practice Canyengue.

Canyengue is a a low-impact couples dance that is an early precursor to Argentine Tango. Danced since the 1900s and perhaps as early as the 1890s, it languished from the 1930s onwards, but has been revived since the 1980s and this playful, improvised dance has now regained much of the popularity it enjoyed a century earlier.

Regular lessons and practice will be offered from 7:30 to 9:30pm on Thursdays in blocks of 4 weeks. A half-hour extension class will start from 7.30, followed by a half hour of fundamental techniques from 8:00. From 8:30 there will be a one-hour practica, offering canyengue dancing  to a variety of music in a social atmosphere.

  • Leading this event are Ann Smith and Myk Dowling: Ann attended workshops in Canyengue with “El Gallego” Manolo and Marta Anton in Buenos Aires in 2009, and performed at Launceston’s Festivale in 2011. She has developed her understanding of the dance most recently with Myk over 2 months in Buenos Aires in 2015, this time with Manolo and Nelson. Myk and Ann led an introductory workshop on Canyengue in 2015 and presented a solo Canyengue dance as part of the Tango Social Club of Canberra’s demonstration at the National Folk Festival 2016.

Interested? Email Ann –